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Candel-lit Chapel

Episcopal Church services emphasize congregational participation. We either stand or kneel for prayer. We stand for hymns, when making our affirmation of Faith as contained in the Creeds, and for the reading of the Gospel section. We pass the "peace" of the Lord by shaking our neighbors' hand or by any form of greeting you feel comfortable with. We believe worship should involve the whole person and all the senses so that the worshipper can not help but feel involved.

The Service

Minister Preaching

The regular service in our church is the Holy Eucharist. The Eucharist is called the mass, the Holy Communion, or Lord's Supper in the various denominations, but we prefer the use of the ancient Greek term Eucharist which means thanksgiving. The Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday in recognition of our Lord's commandments to "do this in remembrance of me".

In the Eucharist, there are four selections read from the Holy Bible. These readings are specified in the church calendar. The clergy generally preach on the readings so as to cover, in time, the whole Bible rather than only their favorite selections.

Holy Communion

All who are baptized Christians are encouraged to come forward to the altar to receive the Communion bread and wine or a blessing.

We hope you will find the services of the Episcoapl Church to be beautiful in their ordered dignity, God-centered, and yet mindful of human nature. We try to combine some of the best elements of both the Protestant and Catholic worship traditions.