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Upcoming Events

Lenten Presentation & Conversation "From Jesus to Christ"
Sunday, April 2nd during Coffee Hour.

Lenten Service at 5:30pm following by Soup Supper at 6:00pm
April 5th.

Confirmation Class
Sunday, April 9th after the 9:00am service.

Building & Grounds Meeting
Tuesday, April 11th, at 1:15pm.

Agape Meal and Maundy Thursday Service
Thursday, April 13th at 6:00pm in St. Stephen's Hall.

Good Friday Service
Friday, April 14th, at 12:15pm.

Men of Grace Breakfast
Saturday, April 15th, at 8:00am. at 9 East.

Healing Service
Starting April 19th on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Vestry Meeting
Sunday, April 23rd, after the 9:00am service.

Grace's Greens Meeting
Sunday, April 30th, after the 9:00am service.